Possible aid in unhiding a tray that is auto hiding

This may be well known to others but I just realized that renaming the default tray to something like

“Outliner Materials Entity Info Layers components and other stuff too.”

Makes the cursor target area much larger and easier to hit.


Edit: I had a good number of spaces between the words there but I guess they are stripped out here on the forum.

When a user realizes how they can setup their own combination of custom floating, docked and autohide trays,… there is no longer any reason to ever use the “Default Tray” ever again.

What “cursor target area” would we need to hit more easily ?

Hi Dan, I am not getting on with the trays, Any chance to see an example of your ‘combination’ of trays

Hope you don’t mind my tuppence worth…
There is a way to combine the trays as pages on one visible tray with tabs at the bottom, this I believe is the most sensible way of exploiting this new feature.

First create the individual custom trays of your choice, then drag and drop them one at a time on to the first to be in the order you prefer then station the combined to the side

clicking the auto hide pin will activate the pages to hide on side, but clicking again to pin as visible will show the tab pages on the bottom as shown.

Sure, I already posted a collage of my tray tabs in this thread:

But be aware I have since moved the two collapsed (“Help”, and “Object Tree”) tabs to the left margin so that when they slide into view, they’ll not cover the Entity Info panel (or whatever tab I have “topped” in the right-hand tray.)

Thanks Dan.