Tray Visability tip



Howdy All,
Just a quick tip for working with the trays when undocked from right side edge. I hated having to pin and un-pin to work with them. I have them floating in my scene and set keyboard shortcuts for the visibility of each one. I just found out another thing you can do with them by accident.

You can drop one inside another one and it will show all the inserted trays. As tabs in the lower left corner of the opened tray. So I still use Ctrl-F2 to bring up / view Tray 2 in the scene but Tray 1 and Tray 3. Come along for the ride in the lower corner, waiting to be toggled on or off.
It does help with keeping the scene clear if you have something complex going on. I just had all 3 opened making changes and got pissed. I just chucked Tray 1 off to the side and when it vanished I was like WT*, that’s when I seen the Tab in lower corner.

Just an observation and something easy that may help you navigate a little easier. Play around with it and see if it helps you… Peace…


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