New default tray stack

confused by the new tray feature; can you have more than free-floating tray?
many thx!

Be specific. What do you mean by “buggy”? I haven’t had any issues whatsoever with the tray arrangement and I prefer to keep it the way it is.

Hi Dave,

So we work regularly on complex planning and architectural models that include both very high numbers of components and materials. Our file sizes typically vary between 50mb - 175mb… these models are used for both design exploration and Vray renderings with the Vray for Sketchup plugin.

See PDF “BB”. In the 2015 format, we were able to have “immediate” access on a 2nd monitor to all the critical windows for design and modelling. It’s more efficient and faster. The 2016 format (see PDF “AA”) limits our simultaneous access to the windows we need. Furthermore, every time the materials or component libraries are collapsed and then expanded, Sketchup has to reprocess the content and thumbnails and there is a delay that seems to range depending on the number of components and materials. Finally, there are graphic hiccups encountered when you simply extend the primary tray window box.

An ideal solution would be to present both “docked” and “un-docked” options in the UI.


aa.pdf (1.7 MB)

I guess I don’t see how making the windows undocked would change anything. I don’t see the kind of delay you’re referring to. And you can have multiple trays so you could leave the materials window open all the time if you want. Make a tray just for Materials if you wish. Even drag it out wider so you don’t have to scroll through it.

Make a tray for each window if it makes you more comfortable.

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oh wow! didn’t know you could do that! thx!!! huge help.

Glad it helped.

There might be some other things you can ask about before deciding they’re broken, too. :wink:

this is true! thx again.

another point, after creating individual or coupled trays that are undocked you can place the on top of each other or a docked one to create page tags,

plus on autohide, page tabs move to side