Porch floor clear in Sketchup, Black in Layout

I am hoping someone can offer some insight on what my problem might be. When I create a scene in Sketchup of my porch frame, the floor is not included (see first photo).

But when I place that same scene into Layout, the floor and the screening have turned black. (see second photo)

Could you share the LayOut file? It would be easier to determine what’s going on.

what render mode are you using for the viewport in LayOut? If it is Vector, transparent materials won’t be displayed. They should be in Hybrid.

As @DaveR said, this is something that can be diagnosed easiest with a copy of the SKP file. It LOOKS like an issue with the transparent material you are using. I don’t think it is the floor, at the back wall is solid black, as well (and there is no floor out there, I assume).

There is no floor and no back in SU

Here is the link to the SU file.

That material is an image of a grid (a screen). I am guessing that, when it is being drawn in Layout, Those black likes are getting blurry and showing up as black. You may want to try replacing the mesh material with a transparent material, instead.

Here is a dark gray material set to 50% transparency:

Thanks, but look at the SU model. The screening is a gray and transparent.

Here is the Layout Viewport showing the screening slightly darker but still transparent.

Here is the Layout Viewport of the front elevations. It displays the screening as solid black.

If you zoom in REAL tight, you can see that it IS actually drawing all those lines of the screen. It’s just drawing ALL those lines for the screen. As you back out, the lines for the screen are overpowering the breaks between the lines:

You are right. Thanks. I changed the transparency of the material from 97% to 90% and it all cleared up and now displays properly. Thanks again.

Sorry. I got called away. I’m glad Aaron got you sorted out, though.