Style in Layout is different then in Sketchup?


Hi everyone, I’m new to layout and having a problem creating floor plans.

I edited the scene in Sketchup so that there are no edges (so I don’t see unwanted objects below the plane) but when I import the scene in layout, I can still see the back edges even though the style is set to the one i created?

Any ideas how to fix this?



Two things. First, in SU, make sure to update the style and update the scene. After saving the changes to the SKP file, go to LOL and make sure that the viewport does not show as modified. If it does reselect the scene. Update the reference.

Download you get a warning in SU when you update a scene after modifying the style?


Hi Dave,

I found that if i inserted it in layout it worked, but if i just copied another viewport and then changed the scene, it would have the error. Any idea why?


Hi Dave,
So I changed the style in Layout from Raster to Vector and then the back edges appeared again. Any ideas how to get rid of them?


How about sharing the LO file so I can see exactly what you have going on?


I tried uploading it but the file is too big (17Mb). Do you know why edges would show up under ‘Vector’ but not under ‘Rastor’" All I do is check vector and unwanted objects show up in the scene?


Back edges should not show with Vector rendering because they are a raster display. They should show in Raster. I leverage this all the time in the woodworking plans I draw. Maybe you could upload to drop box and share the link. By private message if you don’t want to make it public.