My sketchup is all grey

I´m brand new to Sketchup. I am almost done with a bedroom, but suddenly everything turned out grey and my color wheel is all black. What to do? My renders is turning out all black as well. I use Vray when rendering.
See picture:

In your screen shot it looks like you have a group open for editing and that group might contain the windows. If you click with the Select tool out away from the dotted line box, what happens?

Upload the SKP file so we can take a look. Or, guessing that it’s larger than 3 MB, upload it to Drop Box and share the link to it.

Well, suddenly it fixed itself. I don’t know what happened.

Good thoughts?

As I wrote in my first reply, it looks like you have a group or component open for editing. That will cause the rest of the model to appear faded out. Here I’ve induced a similar appearance in a odel by opening a component for editing.

It was as simple as clicking out of the group. Thank you for helping :slight_smile: