My colors in my model are grey

Hi, I opened up my colorful model today, and most of my colors are grey. When I restart Sketchup and load the file I can see the correct colors for a short second, then they turn grey. I can send the file to anyone who can help me. I tried on a second computer. See image

Thanks for any help

Have you tried Model Info > Statistics > ‘Fix Issues…’ - see if that helps ?
Have you tried its ‘Purge Unused…’ ?
If you have all layers on, hidden geometry on and Select All and paste it[ in place] into a new empty SKP what happens ??

Does this occur on just this one model ?

If no, then it sounds like a possible Graphics Card issue.
Have you got up to date drivers installed ?
As a MAC user I expect these would have be done automatically.
Have there been any system changes recently ?

Thanks for your reply. I tried these steps with no success.

Its only on this one model, and I tried on a different computer

What I discovered is that, the colors that are turned grey, are colors I edited using the color wheel. If I pick one of the colors in my model, and right click, edit, the color wheel is set in the middle (grey). So its like all my edited colors have reset.

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