Problem with colors-in-model (Sketchup for Mac 2016)

Something wierd is happening in Colors-In-Model.
I’ve upgraded (downgraded??) to Sketchup 2016.
Opening a new window now has a bunch of default (unwanted) colors in colors-in-model where previously colors-in-model was empty until a color or texture was used.
If I create a model, colors and textures get appended to the colors-in-model list as usual.
But if I copy > paste a model into a new window, the colors/textures for what is being pasted don’t transfer over.
When I click paste, the colors appear in the list like they should, then they get sucked back out, then the model appears.

Is there a component in the IN Model library when you first open a new Sketchup session?

I never looked there as I don’t use components that much.
Turns out there is a component in the file I’m trying to paste.
Its a nut that is not used in that model and I can’t find any way to delete it.

I expect those colors belong to the component.

You can remove it from the file by first making sure there isn’t an instance of it in the model space. Then open the details menu (button to the right of the Search window) and click Purge.

Purge is grayed out… that’s why I said I can’t find a way to delete it.

I am now totally disgusted with Sketchup 2016.
After 12years of using Sketchup, I have had more problems with the 2016 version than all previous versions combined.
This is supposed to be an easy-to-use 3D modeler.
Back in 2004, I was going full blast with this app within two hours of downloading it.
Now I’m spending hours just trying to get past problems so I can use it.
I’ve decided to kill v2016 and go back to v2015 where I can get work done instead of wrestling with the program.