Exterior and Interior walls are colored in Sketchup but once I transfer to Layout the color disappears

Module 4 Rev. Assignment.skp (10.1 MB)
Layout - IDI M4 Floorplan Revised.layout (7.7 MB)

I cannot figure out why my sketchup floorplan shows the exterior and interior walls colored black but when I transfer the file to Layout, all the walls within the Layout file are white and nothing I do changes or updates that. Can I color the walls within Layout? I see a “Color” tab but cannot get that to do anything. I am beyond frustrated with this program at this point. I have attached both the Sketchup file and the Layout file if that helps. Hopefully, someone with more experience is able to solve this problem for me. Thank you so much!

If you render the viewport as Hybrid the color will show. I’m digging some more because the color should show in Vector rendering.

Your model needs a bunch of help and before going to LayOut you should create a scene of the view you need of the model.

I figured it out. You have some entities exremely far from the rest of the model that are causing graphics issues.

I fixed that. There’s more to fix, though.
Backup of Layout - IDI M4 Floorplan Revised.layout (9.4 MB)
Hang tight.

OK, first as to the troublesome elements located at a huge distance from the rest of your model, it is a series of flat sink components.

After deleting them Zoom Extents zooms in to your plan as expected and there’s no graphics problem in LayOut.

I also note that you are not using groups and components correctly. All of the stuff you’ve modeled is loose geometry. Here I’ve hidden the objects you brought in from the 3D Warehouse or elsewhere. You need to be using groups and components to contain geometry and separate different objects in the model.

You’re also using tags incorrectly. You should be leaving Untagged active at all times. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags.

You’ve been making tags active which has resulted in edges and faces having the wrong tag. Note that the geometry on the deck that is selected is tagged as the sliding door. if you wanted to hide the sliding door all that other geometry would be hidden with it. Those five sink objects also have that tag but that’s no appropriate.

Fixing the incorrect tag usage results in this:
Screenshot - 12_28_2023 , 8_18_14 PM

Your model also has a lot of unused content.
Screenshot - 12_28_2023 , 8_18_30 PM

It’s important to purge unused components from your model periodically.
Here’s is the SketchUp file after removing those distant sink objects and purging. Notice the file size reduction.
Module 4 Rev. Assignment.skp (1.4 MB)
And the LayOut file after updating it.
Layout - IDI M4 Floorplan Revised dr.layout (1.5 MB)

Wow Dave, you are incredible and a life saver for determining all the things that were wrong. And then fixing them for me, I cannot thank you enough. I thought I had been doing things right for the most part, watching videos and creating along the way. But no video is creating exactly what I am trying to so for example, my video showed creating the exterior walls, doors, and windows but I needed to layout the whole floorplan and then decide where I wanted the windows and doors placed so I could not group those properly or at least the way the video was showing me to do it. I never did create components, only groups, as I am really not clear as to the difference. I cannot explain the whole sink issue, cause I just searched 3D warehouse, found a sink then drug it into place, so I have no idea how so many duplicates came about. Also have no idea why the deck would’ve been tagged as the bypass door unless that just automatically happened when the rectangle for the deck I created touched the line of the bypass door and became part of it. As you can see, I have really struggle to understand and use this software properly and have spent about 14 hours a day, 3 days in a row trying to create that seemingly very simple floorplan. I kept on double checking along the way that all of my walls had faces in tact so I would not have trouble coloring them in so when it seemed to all work fine in Sketchup but then not transfer to Layout, I was at a complete loss and literally in tears from frustration. I would have never been able to figure out what you did so again, you’re my hero!!

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Thank you for the kind words.

There is a lot to unpack in your post.

Actually, you could group the wall geometry. Later you can open the group for editing and make adjustments to the geometry (edges and faces) inside the group.

In simple terms they are containers for stuff. At the bottom level they are containers for edges and faces. They make the geometry behave as a cohesive unit and they prevent the geometry from combining with other geometry. Components can have a bunch of attributes that groups cannot. When you have multiple instances of a component in your model and edit one of them, the others will show the same edits. There’s more to it but that’s a start.

As for your sink component, I wonder if you inserted it from the 3D Warehouse but it didn’t show and you tried again four more times. That component’s insertion point is a long way from the geometry and that could be confusing if you didn’t know how to sort it out.

Keep plugging away. You’ll get this. I sent you a PM.

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