Points can't be unselected with the escape key when using the smoove tool

Points can’t be unselected with the escape key when using the smoove tool.

If we can move points with the smoove tool can we select multiple points then move them? Not just lines. Moving points is sometimes more useful than moving edges.

A remove point tool would also be useful.

The points selected are based on the radius entered into the VCB. The points are based on the current selection of faces/edges.

If you want to be able to control each vertex you might want to try out my Vertex Tools extension. (Not freeware though - $20, but you can try it out with all features for 30 days.)

Thank you for the advice thomthom. If the radius is small enough I can move the points individually now I just can’t escape the selection.

I’ll have a look at your site tonight though ^^

Don’t preselect and the smoove tool will drop the points between clicks.

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That works when just selecting 2 points using an edge but when 3 or more points are selected the problem occurs.

Works for me.

How did you make the animation? Maybe it is easier to show in an animation.

I use a screen grab software.
It sounds like smoove isn’t the tool for what you want. Smoove means smooth move. So it selects things in a radius but moves them less the further from the center, which gives you a smooth finish.
You sound like you want to move points along a line. You can move vertices and edges just using the standard Move tool.
Although Thomthoms Vertex tools is the bees knees.

I just want the escape button to work like when using other tools.

If I draw a line and press escape the line tool ends and if I move something and press escape it stops.

Shift also makes lines disappear with this tool which is weird.

All the other tools seem to work well.

It just looks like the tool has bugs to me, unless there is a situation where not allowing the user to escape is important.

I’ll try and make a movie of the problem.

What file format and program do you save movies in to upload them here Box? I can just see a gif file.

But you see, if you select something with the select tool and hit escape it remains selected.
Escape ends an action, it doesn’t deselect.
So as I said before, if you don’t preselect anything the smoove tool only selects when you click and then drops that selection when you click again. So click to select, move then click again and it deselects.

You’ll only see a gif because I use a little capture software called gifcam.
But there are many others.

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Maybe the shortcut for a deselection will help you? CTRL+T…