Controlling vertices of the model


Hi guys,

Is there a way to just use standard SU tools that can control the vertices of your model without using any external plugins. This feature is available in most of the 3D modeling software such as 3D Max, Maya, blender, etc…



Without a preselection, you can move single vertices with the move tool.


Thank you Cotty for your reply. Yes, you are right a single can be moved without preselection… but what about if several vertices need to be moved a preselection is required. One more thing, sometimes you need to add additional vertices without the need to drawing edges?

I have seen the plugin that can do all of this (Vertex Tools). it is only trial then would be expired.

The option (Smoove) in Sandbox built-in blugin, can do this in some what but on contour, what about normal surfaces is it possible?



Could you give a good example in which you show which vertices need to be moved and how (which direction)?

There is a workaround (with native tools) which might very well be called clumsy but it can do the job.


Typically, then, you would simply preselect the edges containing these multiple vertices and move them. How would that fail to satisfy your requirement?

You can change the number of segments in a curve using Entity Info, thereby changing the number of vertices, and you create an endpoint when you intersect one edge with another. In what other situations do you see the need to add vertices?

Is this really a problem or just a question of adapting to a different interface? It would be helpful if you could give us a scenario where you’d like to see this point-editing capability so we can suggest how best to approach this situation in SU.


Edit–Ah, I see Wo3Dan and I came up with about the same response at the same time. -G


Thank you Wo3Dan for your feedback… Actually there is no such actual example it is just exploring the control of vertices in SU without using other Plugin. I know at the end, anything can be done but using the native tools might takes long time.


I would thank your efforts Mr. Gully for your outstanding support in this forum. In fact, as I mentioned there is no such scenario rather it is just adapting to a different interface as you said. I believe when you have gizmo to control vertices in all three directions (x,y and z) would be much more easier and less headage (adding, removing, welding, etc…),

Best wishes