How do you Stretch a Vertex?

How do you “strech” a vertex?
I can move or scale edges and faces but have not found any vertex tools.

Stretch a vertex??

Definition of


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A point where two or more straight lines meet. A corner.

• any corner of this pentagon (a plane shape)
• any corner of this tetrahedron (a solid)

The plural of vertex is “vertices”.

If you don’t preselect anything you can move edges, faces and Vertices anywhere you want with the move tool.
If that’s what you mean by Stretch a vertex.

To facilitate moving vertices with the Move tool as Box demonstrated, I’ve made Edit > Select None a keyboard shortcut. As nothing can be selected to move just a vertex, it’s often necessary to deselect first. Also enable View > Hidden Geometry so all vertices can be seen.

Ctrl t is the default select none.

I use Select None so often it’s assigned to the zoom button on my mouse to avoid the annoyingly long reach to the keyboard. Instead raising my thumb 1/4" to reach the button.

Thanks! I always preselected and so never noticed that ‘Move’ would work to pull vertices!
for some reason I thought it was a limitation in SketchUp that a single vertes could not be selected and so couldn’t be moved…