Polygons in Layout

I’m still really just getting started in Layout, and have discovered a need to use the Polygon tool. I’ve read the help on how to use it, but it seems that the typical process is to 1) define the number of sides with uparrow/downarrow or Ns, 2) create the polygon, and 3) reshape and resize it by grabbing and stretching the sides.

It seems much more useful to me to define the polygon by simply defining the vertices like how it’s done in the old Xfig tool. Is there a way to do this in Layout?

When I want to draw a polygon in LayOut (or in SketchUp) I get the tool and specify the number of sides by typing ns where n is the number of sides I want. That number sticks for subsequent polygons during the session or until I change it by typing a new value.

Right, but the reshaping and resizing of the polygon is clumsy, because you can only pull the sides around. There doesn’t seem to be a way of moving the vertices, unless I’m missing something.

Let’s say I have a triangle (to keep it simple) with vertices a, b, and c and sides AB, BC, and CA. I’ve drawn it, but now I need to modify it. I’d like to select and move point a, then point b, and finally point c. But Layout seems to want me to grab and move the sides instead, and it’s difficult to get the final shape I want.

You mean you want to do this sort of thing?

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Exactly! How did you do that? I don’t see a way to create a polygon with grabbable vertices in Layout.

Here’s what I get:

I don’t know if the MP4 uploaded properly, so here’s a PNG:


I can reshape it with either the visible triangular handles or I can grab a vertex, but when I move the vertex I can only move it in XY.

Here is another video capture of the vertex movement. (I don’'t know what the circular thing is at bottom-right; just ignore it.)

I double clicked on the triangle so I could edit it.

Single clicking on it and only using the blue handles only allows you to resize it.

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I should point out that I only just now, while capturing these two videos, discovered that I could actually even select a vertex - despite my earlier protestations.

Double click just like sketchup.
GIF 12-12-2023 9-58-28 AM

Thanks SO much, DaveR and Box! Now that I see it, it should have been intuitive.