Combine vertices?


Hi guys,
before I make a mess of the geometry I have so far, can someone help me merge vertices?
I am building the elevator/horizontal stabilizer of an airplane and would like the round front/leading edge to merge with the tapering outer edge of the elevator. Basically, I’d like to know how to merge the pointy end of half of an ice cream cone with one endpoint of the narrow edge of a wedge, if that makes sense. Thanks in advance! You guys are such kind people to give us beginners advice. :smiley:Oscar v10b1.skp (1.1 MB)



With nothing selected, you can move vertices with the move tool. Toggle the right modifier key (Command for Mac, Alt for Windows) to Autofold the faces.

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Vertices (and entities) that are connected to faces can cause constraints so that the face must stay planar. In that case you cannot easily move them one by one. You can overcome this by triangulating the neighboring faces.

Possibly VertexTools has useful tools for merging vertices.

It would be cool if SolidInspector would offer to also fix geometry in ambiguous situations (“Fix it anyways” and break faces as necessary), because sometimes I just want the model to be solid and get rid of zero-length edges and misalligned vertices that I cannot merge due to these constraints.



You could do like this:



I think it were scaled arcs. An Arc is an entity which is moved as a whole. If you explode the curves, the vertices can be moved.



Thanks, guys! I eventually used tools/vertex tools/merge vertices, and that did the trick! I appreciate the input you gave me.

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