Is automatic merging of geometry a SketchUp bug?

In Sketch up, why does a plane/rectangle automatically merge on to other mesh face when placed on top or into it.
I was making a building, created a plane and just moved onto the surface of another box. Instantly a vertex merged onto the box and when I move that plane, the vertex of the other box comes with it. So when I double click select the plane, both objects get selected.
Is this a bug or there’s a way around it?

This is no bug. It’s intended behavior. I suggest you look at some of the basic tutorial videos and learn about using groups and components.

Start here.


Also, if you want one set of faces to not merge with any other faces, you can Group them, or turn them into a component.

I use Maya for high end works, but in that if I place something together, it won’t merge automatically. So just curious.

The “sticky geometry” is the base of SketchUp. If you don’t want things to stick make them separate groups/components (i.e. make them separate meshes).

SketchUp is a surface modeler, not an object or solid modeler. Until you tell it that a collection of edges and faces is a “thing” by creating a group or component SketchUp by design accumulates and merges the geometry you add.

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