First Time Feedback

Ok, I tried this out for the first time and here is my feedback. First, the instructions are not obvious and go by too quickly. Then, once I picked something such as painting, I could not unpick it and I could never get back to a simple grap the object mode. Nothing is inherently easy of obvious with this. Sure, it’s probably easy when you get the hang of it but it’s not easy to get the hang of it by any means.

Might want to spend some time learning how to use SketchUp.

The Space Bar will return you to the Select tool or you could pick the Select tool off the toolbar on the left. It’s the Arrow at the top of the toolbar.

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Thanks. One would have thought the escape key would have done that. Obviously I want to spend time learning it but my feedback remains just an observation from someone trying to learn it from zero experience based on the presentation in the initial tour. I always try it first to see how natural it is and then go to the tutorials. Thanks again for the quick answer!

Escape is generally used to stop a tool like the Line tool if you’ve started drawing an edge in the wrong place. Escape is not used to change from one tool to another, though. If it did, how would it know which tool you want next?

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I agree it was not very obvious with some of the selections. I am just playing around in it and finding that the simple act of finding the length of line after I select it doesn’t work and I am unable to make tiny adjustments with out a jumpy line going crazy and before I know it I have a 3D triangle in the closet I am trying to sketch. I’ll keep playing around in the free version but first impression is a let down.

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Make is much easier than Free to sketch in (imo) and it feels more… solid

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