Point cloud file importing at wrong scale


I’ve been importing a .e57 file into scan essentials and what should be a 10’ wall gets rescaled into a 100’ wall (more or less). I’m assuming this has to do with the unit that Scan Essentials is expecting to see from a point cloud file not matching up to the unit I’m assigning to my .e57 upon export, but I can’t figure out how to adjust the scale.

I reached out to Support for assistance and was told to ask the forums.

Any thoughts?


From what software are you exporting the PC? Do you have to assign a scale to it? Do the units between the .e57 and SU file match?

You might try importing the PC into SU and then drawing a line along whatever it is that is scaled (the 10ft wall). Use the Tape Measure Tool on the line and enter the desired length. That will give you the option to rescale the model (the 10ft wall).

Do you have a commercial Studio subscription? I’m interested in knowing your experience with the support team ? How did you submit your case ? And who told you to ask the forum?


I’m using Cyclone Register to create my pointcloud and then taking it into Cyclone 3DR for some more cleanup/file downsizing. I assign the PC inches when moving from Register to 3DR and keep it sized in inches when exporting the PC. I’ve set my units to inches in SU as well.

So for an actual example, I have a wall that measure 209" in 3DR. When importing to sketchup, the tape measure tool reads it at 8303".

I’m attempting to follow your suggestion, but I’m not getting an option to rescale. I draw the line along the wall. I select tape measure and draw along the line and then enter the desired size, but nothing happens. According to the videos I’ve pulled up I should see a dialog box asking if I wish to rescale the whole thing, correct? To be honest I’m still new to Sketchup. I’m trying to help a client troubleshoot and make sure my workflow is correct.

That said, this solution isn’t ideal. My intention is to send the .e57 file to clients to work with. I’d like for them to be able to import it without me needing to tell them a specific wall and size to scale it…not to mention any deviation that could arise in measurements…

Hi Olivia,

I am currently using a free trial of Sketchup and evaluating if our office would like to purchase it. The frustrating customer service I had when attempting to contact support definitely colors that decision.

So I left a message on this page: Technical Support | SketchUp Help

I received an email back from ProSupport@sketchup.com from Tim saying “he SketchUp Support team offers assistance with many kinds of technical requests, including account management and product issues. For assistance with how-to requests, we recommend checking out the resources listed below:” and then listed links to the forums, an introductory course, Youtube, and the Help Center.

I’ve checked around and didn’t see anything to help me, so I emailed Tim back hoping to be given contact info for a source I could call or speak directly with. Tim’s response was:

"I appreciate you getting back to me.

This is not really a troubleshooting issue, it is more of a functionality or usability issue. Resizing of point clouds is not actually a built in function of Scan Essentials, but it may be that our Forum Users that use this everyday, may have a workaround for it, possibly involving another product or extension. For these kinds of issues, we really defer to the forum users as it is not a part of the base product.

We have a very active community, and if you were to post these questions, you would likely get some support there pretty quickly."

And while I appreciate the help from the forums, I’m trying to assist a client and have no definitive answer for them. My client has a Studio subscription…do I need to have them reach out directly to receive help?

I’m not familiar with Cyclone 3DR but usually Point Clouds come in as correct real-world size so it seems you’re just not getting SU to scale to the PC.

Below I’ve drawn a pair of ‘walls’ in SU that are 8303".

I used the Tape Measure tool to measure one of them: LMB click start point, LMB click end point.

Then I entered 209" and pressed Enter (just type the numbers, no need to type them into the display - I’m just showing it for reference… It’s usually docked at the bottom of your display). A pop-up will be displayed asking if I want to resize the model. Selected “yes”.

That will resize your SU model.


Tape Measuring tool on ‘wall’ just to confirm:

In SU Model Info → Units, I changed to Engineering:

Usually I’ll draw a line or, better yet, a box that I align to some face or edge in the PC (Fit the box to the PC, then resize). That makes it easier to see the edge of the point cloud for resizing. Once you scale it you can save it and send it off to clients and it will open correctly.

Thanks for the detailed reply!

However, I’m still not having any luck. I’ve drawn two walls as described, scaled it with tape measure as shown, and that correctly resized the walls…but it did not resize my point cloud…so no luck.

I’m using Scan Essentials to bring my point cloud into sketchup, for what it’s worth. It seems to me there isn’t really any way to interact or select the point cloud either.

And still, this isn’t really an ideal solution since I can’t export an .e57 from Sketchup.

You’re not rescaling the point cloud, just the SU model to match the point cloud.

So, you’d draw a ‘box’ and the edges of the ‘box’ match where you measured the wall (most likely end to end, I’d presume). You know that the point cloud wall is 209" because you measured it and now your box matches it (whatever length the box is, but let’s say it’s 8303"). You put the tape on the end of the box, measure out to the other end and click (It reads 8303", which you ignore). Then you enter 209".

I may have confused the issue by drawing two ‘walls’ in my example.

I like to use boxes with the Push-Pull tool because it’s easier to see and align the end of a box than small lines (and sometimes the edges are point clouds a fuzzy, so the box is a ‘best fit’).

You could draw a line in the point cloud using either Construction Points or Guide Lines.

Scan essentials sees your point cloud as if it is in meters. You think it should be in inches. I don’t know enough about point cloud formats to tell if they are unitless or if the unit is stored with them. Most current measuring equipment uses meters.

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Still, following these instructions I end up with a “wall” that is 209" long and a point cloud that the same wall is 8303" long. This does me no good if I’d like to draw my next wall. Unless I’m totally confusing something…

I believe I’m able to assign a unit of measurement to the cloud when exporting my .e57…but so far that hasn’t changed things. Is there any way to change what Scan Essentials is the unit to be?

In other programs I’m asked what unit it should use for scaling on import.

Could you share the file?

Anssi’s post lead me to my solution.

Setting my units to Meters when exporting my .e57 has corrected the issue.

Thanks everyone for the assistance!

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