Podium toolbar missing

Hi all,
I am missing the Podium V2.6 toolbar in SU 2023.

I can render with Podium, by using the menu Extensions/SU Podium V2.6 plus.
So Podium works, but it is a bit of a hassle and I can’t seem to find how to access the Podium Library.

I’m on a laptop with Windows 10, all updated programs.
Maybe I might have unplugged my laptop from my second screen with SU open on the second screen but the Podium toolbar on the laptop screen? But I would expect everything would return to it’s default settings when restarting the computer.
To help my search I would open up the Toolbars window, and check and uncheck the Podium checkbox repeatedly. That way I would notice it popping on and off. But nothing’s moving.

What I have done so far:

  • Trying to turn on the toolbar by right click in toolbar area/click on ‘Toolbars…’ and check and uncheck the box in front of Podium V2.6. Nothing happens.
  • Update Podium in the extension manager, nothing changed.
  • Look for the toolbar on a second screen, no sign of it.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Podium, nothing happened.
  • Tried the things suggested in the thread Podium ‘Toolbar not visible!’ (not my exclamation mark)
    I’m not sure what is supposed to happen when entering something in the Ruby console, but nothing did happen.
  • I tried to increase the resolution of my screen, hoping that the toolbar would show up, but it’s already at max resolution.
  • I also tried to change the order of the 2 screens, switching my extra screen (which is a lot bigger that my laptop screen) with my laptop screen, but that didn’t work either.
  • and the oldest trick in the book: restart the laptop, to no avail.

My computer guy had a go, didn’t find anything. He suggested this forum.
I already tried the SU Podium Forum.
Does anybody have a suggestion?

You could try Reset Workspace in Preferences>Workspace or you could delete the PrivatePreferences.json in User/AppData/Local/SketchUp/…/SketchUp and then starting SketchUp again. This would require setting up all of your other toolbars again.

Please complete your forum profile with SketchUp version.

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Your suggestion solved has solved the problem. Having to put the toolbars in the right position was much less of a hassle then I thought8
Thank you, have a nice weekend!

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