SU Podium Plugins don't show up on tool bar

Loaded SketchUp 15 (64 bit) but the SU Podium plugin doesn’t show up even though it is in the folders in the System Program folder. Also, error appears when launching 15 that thinks its trying to import Podium V2Plus as 32 bit, which it isn’t. Any ideas?

I haven’t installed Podium for SketchUp Pro 2015 so can’t be sure, but there could be an issue if you haven’t downloaded the most current version from Podium directly. You may wish to reach out to them to see if there is a known issue as well.

Downloaded it directly from Podium…they tell me 15 will only run 64 bit Podium, on 64 bit SketchUp, which I have. Both were down loaded from the developers home sites…

Sorry, but you need to moan at Podium !

Your main relationship in this is, You and Podium - the rest of us are bystanders :wink:

Not sure about where Podium’s stuff ought to be installed - your, “…it is in the folders in the System Program folder…” is not very enlightening…

Are you sure you have installed the Podium 64-bit version as directed ?
They might be several possible versions ?

TIG is right on this one. The best you’ll run into here is another Podium user who might have had the same problem as you and found a workaround, or a Podium person skimming our forums. I do encourage you to check out our Knowledge Center articles on installing Extensions as well to be sure you’re using the right folders if their install process is still making you locate a folder and drop it there. We’ve created a few methods of installing Extensions at this point to ensure you’re not poking around in system folders, that leads to too much confusion.

Our article on installing Extensions:

Note, as TIG indicated, there is no such thing as a “System Programs” folder, per se. On Windows you’ll be manually installing under the Roaming profile indicated in the article above.