Plugins don't load

When I opened the program after a week’s hiatus, all of my plugins are missing. The plugins manager indicates that they are present and active but I can neither see nor use them.

the latest one installed blocking all others?

try if launching SU by “right-click > run as admin” helps.

Alas, no. I haven’t installed one in some time and none of their menus show. I wonder if reloading the whole program would help…

Which plugin manager, Window > Preferences > Extensions?

What plugins?

Several parallel conversations, I suspect.

First point.
When you installed SketchUp you should have installed it by right-clicking its installer’s exe file and choosing the context-menu item ‘Run as administrator’.
This ensures that all permissions are set up properly.
You can often mimic this by choosing to launch SketchUp as an admin, but it’s best to install properly in the first place.
Exit SketchUp before doing anything else…
You probably do not need to uninstall and reinstall SketchUp to fix this kind of issue…
Instead download the latest MR v2016 and run its exe as an administrator as explained.
When it’s offered, chose to Repair SketchUp…
It should then fix this issue.


If the SketchUcation Plugins Manager shows Plugins enabled but they are not loading then something is adrift.

Perhaps somehow Plugins have become disabled, and although they are available SketchUp is not auto-loading them.
Open the Ruby Console and run this line of code - it will reverse some settings…
It should return ‘false’,
but if it’s ‘true’ try changing it with…

Restart SketchUp and see if anything improves.

If the SketchUcation Extensions Manager, or the native Preferences > Extensions show then as active, but there are no Menu of Toolbar items showing something is adrift.
If the Toolbar items are shown as active but they are not showing up something is adrift.

I did as you suggested, but, in the end, had to reload the program, which seems to have corrected the problem.

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