Toolbar Icons Altered On Start of SketchUp


On several occasions, starting about a week ago, SketchUp loads with almost all of the plugin toolbars showing the same icons and many missing toolbars. Suspecting a problem with one of the plugins, I deleted all the plugins in the 2014 Plugins directory and reloaded from a backup. All works well for a day or so, then the problem occurs again.

The toolbars all have an icon that is green with a strange face on them. I have a file with a screen capture, but don’t see anyway to attach the file to this post.

Has anyone seen this behavior? Any ideas on the cause?




Or you can also drag and drop an image.

As for your issue, I never had that problem and have no idea, sorry.


Thanks for the info. Attached is a screen shot showing the issue.


The sick face means there is something wrong (“sick”) with your plugins’ installations. SketchUp does not find the image file for which the plugin wants to add a toolbar button. The likely cause is that the image file is missing, deleted or corrupted. The ruby console does not show errors because these errors happened at loading time before you opened the console (and the missing image errors are silent).

Best is to choose one plugin whose icon is missing, lookup its location in the file system and verify the existence of the icon file.

The screenshot does not show any toolbar names (since they are docked), so I can not give specific guidance. To get the location of your plugins folder paste in the Ruby console: Sketchup.find_support_file('Plugins')
Find the subfolder of the specific plugin. It may contain ruby files, image files or subfolders. The toolbar buttons may be created in any of the ruby files, so you open them in a plain text editor and search for paths to image files for example by looking for image file extensions .png. When you have found an image path, look up if the file really exists at that location.


Thank you for the information. I will check as you suggested the next time it happens.



Based on your info, I have determined that “something” is deleting all the .PNG, .HTML and .CSS files from my Plugins directory. Not sure what is causing this … or what sequence of events triggers the deletion. Perhaps a Anti-Virus program or other “cleanup” program. Don’t have a fix, but I now know what to investigate.



You could redownload and reinstall the corrupted extensions, and maybe temporarily disable suspect programs and observe if it happens again.


On my list of things to try … Thanks.


If you use anti-virus programs and plugins are quarantined, try restort on anti-virus quarantine.
may be useful