Plugin/Extension to sum/add across multiple (D)Components?


Hello SketchUp comrades! Does there exist a way (dialog box, perhaps) that displays added (identically named) attributes across multiple (selected?) components within a model? I guess I’d call this “live” reporting.

Purpose is to add up prices, weights, etc. of an interior space. Obviously this can be done with reporting, but I’m having a hard enough time convincing people to TRY SUDCs, so additional complexity is less than ideal. Thanks!



Not native, take a look at estimator, real time reporting:


We have a number of different casework components that can be “Lego’d” together into wine storage. Each part has attributes that calculate List Price and Bottle Count based on distinct formulas. I just checked out Estimator, which looks great but doesn’t seem to pay attention to attributes…


I’m the developer for Estimator, and no, we currently don’t pay attention to custom attributes on an entity. Not sure that it’s really all that difficult to add, but I’m not sure where I’d put it in the UI. This is the first time I’ve heard of someone requesting this functionality.

In the existing product though, you can enter in a formula for the multiplier field. If you are able to figure out how much each “lego piece” can be estimated for, we should be able to tally it all together for you. I’m assuming that since you referred to them as lego pieces, you are working with a given collection of components. Perhaps there’s a way to work it out.

John might have some ideas on how to either get it to work how you need it to, or might be willing to consider your workflow for future improvements.


Hi - I am the creator of Estimator and would be glad to see if I can help. If you could send me a sample file and sample report of results you are looking for, I will see what we can do. You can email me directly to


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