Sketchup plugin for cost estimate for interior design

I work for a small interior design firm and we use sketchup pro for all our projects.
We work with a “catalog” of componets which I’ve created through the years, I wanted to use sketchup to generate something similar to a price quotation based on the components in the model (or something similar). We only do interior (i’m not interested in walls costs or similar) and I also don’t need the generated document to be pretty (an excel would be perfect), I just want a list of things based on the components in the models to which I can assigne a name and a price. We also do a lot of wall cladding (wood panneling) so it would be usefull to have something which could see how many m2 of pannels there are in the model and give it a price for m2 (i could create a component and push pull it for the surface I need)
Thanks for the help!

ps: sorry for the bad english, it’s not my first language

You may not need an extension.

In SketchUp add a price in the Advanced Attributes in the extended Entity Info panel.
Give the component a name.

File (menu) > Generate Report…
Set up a new report showing names, quantity and price, (nesting 2) …

Run the report …

You can save the custom report to use again from the results page.
You can also download it as a CSV file which can be imported into spreadsheets.

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If you want to calculate your interior project in SketchUp, I would recommend checking out the Quantifier Pro extension. With this extension you can also use an Excel “cost database” to export and import unified cost data across multiple SketchUp models. It is very suitable if you work with a number of products (components) and m2 of wall, floor and ceiling finishes.

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Could this also give it a price for m2? thanks!

You can only do simple unit pricing in native SketchUp. As in, you assign a fixed price to a component, then you can generate a report based on qty of components.

Well, actually, I guess you could get a little fancy and create a report based on entity volume, or length along axis, and then use that data to filter in Excel, then do some additional cross referencing to pricing data in Excel to calculate based on length or volume. It gets really complicated though because of the severely limited filtering options in the native generate report.

Maybe I’ll explore these ideas more and do a tutorial.

Quantifier allows you to assign cost by tag/layer or material based on area, length, volume, or weight. You can also attach fixed costs to components/groups or to the entire model. Right now, it’s on sale for 50% off till the end of August. (Affiliate link)