Calculating prices and making a plan for the contractors

Hi! :wave:t3: When I started using sketchup as an interior designer it was more like a hobby.
Now my company is growing and I need some advise to optimalise my workflow for me and my employees.

After designing I used to make a budget and specifications with all the furniture, lighting etc that I used in my SU design. I do this with excel but it cost me lot of times and it doesn’t work efficient for my employees. Is there anything in SU where I can make easily a budgetplan or calculation? And maybe a tool to make a schedule for all contractors?

Or does somebody has a good solution for other software?


Providing all the items you want to register are components, SU has a reporting tool that allows you to create output. I don’t use it myself, but I suspect it might still be best to export data to a spreadsheet for calculation of prices, not least because you probably want to do more than just tot everything up. You might want to have discount codes, tax rates, etc.

Thats not the tool I am looking for in SU. Exactly what you said, i would like to have some more information. Hmm than I guess it’s better to choose for software from another developer. Any advise?

There’s lots of extensions out there is that could help.
In general, gigo (garbage in, garbage out) applies, so we need some more info or perhaps a model and what specific elements you need from it.
I always used Estimator:

Mind sight has Quantifier Pro:

There are some free extensions out there, too

Other possibilities include using the built in Report Generator, which can produce a .csv file listing (for example) component level (in the Outliner hierarchy), material, component definitions, instances names and quantities. You can customise it to show what you need, within fairly wide limits.

Import that into a spreadsheet and edit it to include prices, and produce cost estimates.

Or use one of several CutList extensions.

If I may add to this: with 3DBI (3DBI for SketchUp | KG-dev) you can also get quite some information out of SketchUp and link it together with external pricing information (excel, databases, webservices,…) into a dynamic report.

Here is a small report showing some quantity takeoffs extracted directly out of SketchUp: Microsoft Power BI

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