Can sketchup do estimation, pls. guide me to video demo on this

video on estimation on scaffolding and formwork components

You’ll need to work in groups, components and tag these with the relevant information, then use the “generate report” function.

Also take a look at the following extensions:

  • Profile Builder 2.1
  • Estimator
  • SU2XL

There may be others that do reporting / scheduling that may be of interest to you, search on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or over at SketchUcation Pluginstore for more options.

thanks, can u direct to me to any video on this

search on Extension Warehouse for scheduling plugins:

Profile Builder 2



I suggest you take a look at which will suit your needs best, take a look on their website (if such a thing exists) and also search on YouTube…

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You can also try this new plugin called Budgetime that I have developped. I am an architect, and I have been desperately looking for something like this until I decided to code it with a informatician friend. Not only will it give you the cost of your project but also the time needed ! Enjoy !

You do not specify how to obtain the plugin and no link is provided.

You can check it here :
And also follow us on facebook : Redirecting...
There is a 1 month Trial.
Enjoy !