Extension that Calculates Price

Looking for an extension that takes the Price values that I’ve set for components and gives me a total based on how many instances are used.

Have you tried the “Generate Report” function in the file menu?

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Quantifier Pro should do what you are looking for: Quantifier Pro | Calculate Area, Volume, Weight and Costs in SketchUp


Bizarre, I was looking into the same thing, I think if you can get paid for it, Quantifier Pro looks pretty good and for $80 it’s not that bad. It’s been around for a while too, so it shouldn’t disappear. There is an option to save money and get the the BIM bundle which has it included and is $120. I’m a bit undecided on doing the latter, I’ve got to speak to some builders and trades to check if it really will present info in a helpful way to them. If that’s the case, I can just charge the client a small fee for using it.

I had a look st the built in report facility, it seemed too much work probably good in the hands of someone with more patience and mathematical knowledge!