Is there a Simple Takeoff Calculator?

Has anyone seen or know of a simple takeoff calculator that would calculate quantity and mass of highlighted items within the model quite quickly and easily?

The Generate Report function is ok, but not great, and it doesn’t total results for you, so then you have to export to an Excel file, etc. I just want it displayed in Sketchup as I work on it with the option to copy and paste the data out if needed to go in a spreadsheet (or export)

Sort of like this, but running within sketchup all the time!

OpenCutList will help you

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Estimator can do this and more

@rtches this looks pretty good! Thanks, I’ll have a play around with it. Need to figure out how to group by component and not by colour… not sure what is going on there. I also need the weight to display

@ChrisDizon I had seen that Estimator but I’m just after something basic, that Estimator is $200 per year

You can excess data via name or material, then simplify the report with custom and ruby. Then DC attributes can be added to name, then separated in export.
Then use export\review to see current selection

By setting fix items as hardware, can nominate weight and price and use estimate for running total or selection

timber planks, LVLs or steel tube = use dimensional (material with running meters)
and boards as sheets

example of steel planks: hardware, weight on name and material

Component Attribute Replacing Issues (2).skp (69.3 KB)

can send or upload model above?

Here’s mine, simple and free.
5D+ Auto Info | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

@Cyentruk this is good! Only problem is that it is not picking up my custom attribute field called “Weight”. Is there any way to add this attribute to a column and have it total the weight of those items collectively?

So for example, if 1 Base Jack = 6.3kg and I have highlighted 10x Base Jacks, can it tell me that there is 10x Base Jacks selected with a combined weight of 63kg?

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as per last post

:hushed: How did you do that?!

Ahhh you’re in the export preview. I didn’t look into that…

In the secon row of Custom Attributes column, you just double click in a white space (not the label) and choose one of all custom attributes to display value.

The custom multiple and sum I will add in the next release.

I just get these 4 options:

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@pcmoor how did you customise the Total Weight column to add up the values?


@CogentDesign you should try Quantifier Pro.

I changed the material to hardware, without assigning each object, so current total weight is incorrect
you can assign each hardware a similar material and density to suit and get a result without the ruby but wanted to show the different methods
Normally with timber would use one material and density with the dimensional element
will redo soon

@LinearGraphs that looks good, but I think it’s way more complex than needed. I’m just looking for something to simply give me Live quantities and some simple additions as I highlight components for a very quick take-off.

For example, similar to what can be seen here (but I had to go through a few steps to get this particular table of components). It would be nice to simply highlight objects and have Live tabled data shown rather than have to “generate reports”. I’m after speed and simplicity!

If you select multi DC objects with different custom attributes key, you can only choose 4 common attributes (Name, Summary, Item Code, Description). Let choose objects has the same custom attributes.

I develope my report extension follow: realtime, speed, simplicity and what you see is what you get. When you click any data cell, it will highlight that data for you in SketchUp view.

sorry could not back to you until after work

the weight not completed, so now okay. had assign via

the good thing about OCL or CL(simple version) unlike generate report, it takes off DC variable copies and not invisible entities
it will takeoff the lowest level component, but not groups, so a DC made of groups, or a scaler group will not appear in the list, neither any parent in parts (but if required, instances and path in their report)
Component Attribute Replacing Issues (2) (1).skp (69.8 KB)

again I recommend you message me with some of the other components as a scalable DC can be made