Please help. Offset funnel

Basic funnel I got. But for the life of me I cant figure out how to offset a funnel with the narrow spout on the edge. Any direct would be great! Thank you

Installed of trying to use Offset, draw a cross section and use Follow Me around a circle to extrude it.

Thank you Dave. Still no luck. I just more time figuring the software out. Wish I could find someone i can pay to draw it for me. Would getting it done much faster.

Sorry for the typos

What are the dimensions of the funnel?

That is awesome. Thank you for helping. But what I’m trying to do is move the small, lower section to the edge of the larger section. The overall funnel would be shallow.

add an image or skp file, then we’ll all know what you working on…


This is what I’m trying to do.

a quick play…


Mihai, that’s pretty darn close to what I’m looking for. Thank you so much. If I can contact you, I’d be willing to pay you to make it exact and 3d ready to print. What do you think?

You’re welcome, Skeeter1!

I enjoyed showing you a few options for you to learn how to draw that funnel.

But to make for you an exact 3D model, ready-to-print, is a bit difficult for me, because I do not understand all those imperial dimensions with punctuation marks like ‘,", / (eg. 30’ 5" 3/8)… very strange! :blush: I’m using the metric system.

You don’t need anyone to model it for you, it is a simple follow me and move. You need to decide on the wall thickness, the amount of offset and the height of the upright, here I have guessed it at 1 inch.


That is awesome. I’m trying to use the free web version. You all make this look easy. Lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to show me this.

I’ve done nothing there that you can’t do in the free web version, it’s just that the tools and interface look slightly different.

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Here it is done in the web version complete with mistakes and getting lost looking for the tools. The shape is smoother in my original because I made the circle with 48 segments instead of the default 24 I used in the web version.

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Box. Thank you so much… you made that look so easy. That was perfect. Can you possibly show me how to make 3 legs that come down as low as the bottom of the funnel. 1 leg at peak and 1 on each side? Same thickness that fallow the contour of the funnels edge?

The question is rather vague, many possible options.
Something like this perhaps.

Hey box! That last step you did. What does that do? Are you making it hollow?