Is there a way to make a round to a rectangle


I lost the top of my pluviometer

I would like to try to build the top with my 3D printer but I found this model

But I would like to try to transform it as a rectangle, speally at the bottom
It should be transformed in a rectangle of 116X56 as the rectangle I drawed bellow

Is it possible without destroying the small round, inside, where the wather drop?

my problem, I do not know how to do the funnel starting from a rectangle, keeping in mind the result must be printable with a 3D printer. That’s the reason why, I am trying to transform the existing model :slight_smile:


Trying to alter something that isn’t already close to what you want is going to cause issues. You would be much better advised to model the original from scratch.

I agree with simoncbevans. The model you have there is much more complex than the shape you need, and anyway it will be more fun to start from scratch! I recommend drawing an inner rectangle with the Offset tool and drawing connecting lines from the outer four corners to the inner four corners. Then you can use the Move tool (not Push/Pull) to lower the inner face and you’ll have a nice simple funnel.

Hello, thanks for your replies, The problem, I have no idea how to draw an inner rectangle. What is a inner rectangle? My french-english does not help me :slight_smile:

Do you meen somethings like this (as I started)

Looks great! I was referencing the offset tool which you can learn more about here: Offsetting a Line from Existing Geometry | SketchUp Help

Looks like you’re almost there. Just keep at it and don’t forget to use the Instructor (:mortar_board:) on the right sidebar if you’re not sure how to use a tool.

I created two rectangle. One small for the water drop (bottom), one for to “weolcome” the rain drop (top)
Woith the pen, I “connect” the corner

I am going to print that to see if my 3D printer like it

It looks like at least one face is reversed, and some 3D printer software doesn’t like that. Right-click on the faces that look darker, and choose Reverse Faces.

To tell if it’s likely to be ok, select your geometry (not the guides) and make it be a Group. Then look at Entity Info, and if it says it’s a Solid Group, and you see a Volume figure, then it should work ok for 3D printing. If you don’t see that, then there is something in the model that needs fixing.

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Actually I think it might be important to keep the sharp corners for this! I assume the surface area of the open top must remain the same as the original for the instrument to be accurate.

Yours does look awfully cool, though. :grinning:

Ok, I tried to print it witj my 3D printer.
(I checked the faces, and one was drack. Then I reverses the face as wrote @colin)

But my printer does not like it.

If you look at this picture (do have attention to the dark faces, I corrected it), the printer started with 15mm high rectangle (the top of that image). Then when it starts the funnel, the printer is “lost”, I think, it’s like the printer

find no surface for the material . It’s hard to explain that in english, but I look at the printer working, it look like if it is trying to do the top of the 15mm high rectangle, instead of doing the funnel. The printer is trying to a rectable/cube. I do not know if you understand my words.

He is my file pluvio1.skp (154.8 KB)

The main problem is you’ve left a bunch of internal faces. Remove them and it should be 3D printable.

Thanks a lot. it’s not very clear.
I have to remove the green area?

In fact, I have to have only the faces 1 and 2

Remove the faces that aren’t needed then. You decide. There just can’t be any internal faces.

ok i see, i will try later

OK; I delete my funnel

The dark face you can see is the same as the white face here

With the pen tool, I draw two line (green) to have the first face of my funnel

Then I plan to do the same for the 3 other faces.

I think that’s right?

See what happens.

Yeap but the 3D printer take about 3h to start the funnel :slight_smile:

Sadly the printer can not print since it start the funnel.
I guess the problem, when the funnel start, the printer put the material in the empty…

Seems to me you have to adjust some settings in your slicer. The printer cannot start printing in mid air. If the funnel starts above the buildplate you need to activate support so the printer van start printing the funnel on top of the support…

I’m not an expert like Dave but I do have a couple of ideas. First, there is a feature called Solid Inspector that is designed to help with exactly these kinds of problems. You will have to upgrade (or start a trial) to use it, but it might be worthwhile if you can afford it!

Second, if you do not want to upgrade you can use the search tool to find View Back Edges (Voir les arêtes arrières) and that might help you find your internal faces.