I need to morph a rectangle into a circle using push/pull


Hi i m in need of a little help,i need to draw a rectangle (32mm x 22mm) with radius corners (hollow if poss) then stretch it and turn it into a circle (radius 32mm hollow) maybe around 50mm long how do i do this ?


Could you show an example of what it is you’re actually trying to do? Why do you have to do this with Push/Pull? What do you mean by [quote=“nutcase, post:1, topic:18785”]
radius corners (hollow if poss)


basically im trying to draw a section of my manifold i need to be made for me

i need to start with a rectangle 32mm x 22mm then within say about 50mm turn it into a cirlce 32mm diameter


This has been covered a number of times recently. Here’s a link to a thread that should help.


Once you have mastered the manual method you can start looking at plugins.

How to connect curves with flat surfaces automatically?

thanks thats amazing, i dont suppose you know how to cut the finished item in half and flatten it so i have a template? lol


something like this?


sort of cotty but the first video was spot on but thanks


You can form the basic geometry pretty easily using native tools, then use the extension Flattery (which you can download from SketchUcation) to unfold the thing into a flat pattern.



What is the name of that plugin for the morph?


@Box used Fredo6’s Curviloft extension, which is available free from the sketchUcation plugin store (note: it depends on libFredo6, which must also be installed).