Create a funnel contour


I’m trying to create a funnel contour (see attached model). The intent is to extrude the inner circle (100 segments) through the block, then pull the inner circle down half-way, forming a funnel shape with the outer circle. I was actually able to do something similar previously, but I don’t seem to be able to repeat the process successfully.
Funnel-Block.skp (61.5 KB)


Use the Move tool to lower the inner circle. Press Alt before the move to engage Auto fold.

100 is probably way too many segments for most applications.







I’ve been able to duplicate your construction; is there a way to smooth the interior of the funnel section, removing the segment lines?


Just select them, right click and use soften/smooth edges.



Selecting 100 could take awhile; there’s no short-cut?


Just drag a selection box around them.



Thanks Shep, worked like a charm.

Also thanks Gully_Foyle for the “Alt” key tip.


I’m totally new and don’t understand how you made this cube to begin with let alone how to make the funnel. I want to make a funnel that is square on one end and round on the other.


Like this?



Thanks, It would have taken me forever to figure that out. Years maybe. :wink:

And I 'm guessing that after you get this done you can use offset to add wall thickness?


Not really. More like make a copy of the surface, scale it down along Red and Green, and place the copy inside the original. Alternatively, you can use the Joint Push/Pull extension by Fredo6, available from SketchUcation.