Help for a newbie please!

I am fairly new to S U and I try to replicate all the basic models Aaron makes with good results. However in the Skill Builder “Partial Grouping” demo I have been unable to reproduce the triangular chamfers on the conical cylinder between the straight cylinder and the hexagonal top with the tube on top. So how did he make the triangular chamfers on the conical cylinder please. Bill Ferrol UK

Nevermind. I found it.

I expect the most straightforward way to do it in SketchUp Shop will be to stitch the octagon and the circle at the top of the cylinder together with the Line tool.

Thanks for replying, Partial Grouping - Skill Builder - YouTube

Ah - I built that at the time, hang on…

Here’s the first and last stage of it. I lost the step-by-step screenshots for the in-between parts, ha.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 11.23.51

circle block.skp (87.0 KB)

Thanks I’ll give it a go and let you know the outcome!

Super - here’s the middle steps.

Move plus Command to toggle Auto-fold on center face

Draw three more edges on one of the corners. Rotate “out”.

Rotate-copy to the other corners. Go underneath afterward to delete the original faces.

Use left-rectangle select to grab just the “round” edges for soften/smooth.

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 11.35.01

Many thanks Brian it worked. Would never have worked that one out.

Nice. It seemed like an impossible puzzle to me until I realized that the Skill Builder one bulges out in a very simple way on the corners, so you don’t need to solve true “roundness,” which I am pretty sure would entail a lot of subdivision and vertex editing.

No idea if my approach is how the original was actually drawn.

As we say in the UK ‘there are more ways to skin the cat’, it’s the outcome that matters. Thanks again

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