Looking for tutorial on how to make a bowl within a face


Hi Everyone,

I just can’t seem to make something work and I’m wondering if someone knows of a tutorial out there of it. I am trying to make cylinder which then has a hemisphere taken out of the flat end of it. I’ve watched the bowl tutorials and I can make the bowl. I just can’t seem to figure out how to use it to scoop out the end of my cylinder.



If you have the Pro edition you can use Solid Tools.

Subtract a sphere from a cylinder. (Both objects need to be watertight and grouped. Ie, called “manifold solids”.)

###SketchUp User Guide


Dan’s suggestion is a good one. Another option would be to use Follow Me with a circle for a path.


Hi DaveR,

Yup, I just realized this solution about 5 minutes ago. I’m 3D printing it now. I think the lesson is that if something feels like too much work in Sketchup, I’m probably doing it wrong.



Very good. May I quote you? That seems to apply quite frequently. :slight_smile:


Ha, sure thing. I’d hate that to be my legacy, but oh well.

It did print beautifully. Thanks again and cheers,


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