Making a Simple Bowl for 3D Printing

bowl.dwg (7.4 KB)

Just trying to make a simple bowl for 3D printing. I’m totally new to SketchUp but I am fluent in Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator I created a cross section of the bowl to be created. Using what I have created, my understanding is that somehow I can use the “Follow Me” tool to take the cross-section shape I made and then do a full 360 to create the final bowl. So far I can’t get it to work though.

Help is much appreciated.

There are too many issues in your dwg to make simple geometry.
It’s a few minutes to draw in sketchup done correctly.

Here is an interpretation of your graphic into a skp.
Bowl.skp (914.0 KB)

Follow Me Tool

Thank You. Much Appreciated.

Your interpretation is correct. There is one final detail I want to incorporate to the bowl. On the outside surface of the bowl starting 0.4724 inches below the very top of the bowl and going to the very bottom of the bowl, there will be these small, vertical line depressions (0.25 inches in width) spaced equally around the whole bowl. I have enclosed a PDF file to visually show what I mean. Finally, all the edges of the whole bowl would be softened which I understand is a simple effect to apply.

bowl.pdf (316.3 KB)

Something like this?

Create the profile and do a full “follow me” around a 36 segment circle (10 deg between segment ends)
Switch on Show hidden geometry,
Roatate the whole bowl 5 deg to align the centre of a column of segments to the red axis.
Push a line of segments on the red axis inwards the desired depth. You will have to do some cleanup and closing of faces afterwards.
Go left and right of the pushed in faces two columns, and delete the remainder of the bowl to leave you with the sunken portion between 2 raised portions. Again, close the sides in a make the shape watertight. Group and check with solid inspector.
Once it is a solid, select it and rotate a copy (Shift+rotate) around the center to line up the edges.
Immediately after the first rotate/copy, type “* 12” to repeat the rotate/copy and it will create the whole bowl.
Select all, and use the Solid tools “Outer shell” to join everything up into one solid.

This was done with SU8 Pro, and there’s probably way easier techniqes in the new version…dunno…too cheap to upgrade :smiley: