Drawing a Sphere and Bowl


Can I draw a Sphere or a Bowl in the Makeup version?


Yes, use the follow me tool.


My Bowl disappears.


Try making it larger.


That is often an indicator that you are working at too small a size, running afoul of SketchUp’s difficulty creating new small geometry. As @DaveR wrote while I was reading, try drawing at a larger size and then scaling down to the real size.


That works for me. Thanks,

How do you divide a bowl or sphere?

Johnny Hale



Divide it how?


A couple of possible methods, depending on what kind of ‘divide’ you want, and when you want to make it.

If you only want (say) a half circular bowl, make the FollowMe path only half a circle.

Or if you have drawn it already, view it in Top view, make a right-to-left selection of the parts you don’t want while in Edit mode for the component, and erase it.

But maybe you meant something else, as DaveR asks?


I tried the half circle. The attached is the result. Any suggestion?

Johnny Hale



That’s kind of funny. What did you start with?


I started with the half circle as was suggested.

Johnny Hale



I think you got the odd results because you selected the straight edge of the semicircular shape. Instead, select only the the arc then get Follow Me and click on the profile shape.


Ok, here’s what I get.

Johnny Hale



I t appears your profile isn’t perpendicular to the first segment in the path (arc) and it doesn’t appear to be on the arc’s center. Try drawing with everything centered on the origin and the blue axis.


That is why it is impossible to get a clean half circular shape firectly with the Follow Me tool. You get better results by using a full circle first and then erasing half of the resulting shape.



Or do what I did in my example and use half a circle which has been split at the midpoints of opposite sides. And which it looks like the OP attempted to do in his last try.


Ok, then how do you erase half of the bowl/

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OK, I got it. Thanks for your help.

Johnny Hale



I didn’t erase half the bowl like Anssi sugests. I drew a line across the center of the circle between edge midpoints. Then I erased half the circle and the line across leaving the half circle you see in the screen shot I posted.

If you do want to erase the circle, turn on Hidden Geometry in the View menu. Then you can select the edges you want to get rid of.


I tried your method, Dave. Here’s what I got.

Johnny Hale