I must be doing it wrong 3D rotate Doesn't

I have followed Instructions over and over all it did was move part from on left side to right side and was not 3D . .How do i add the Glass2b.skb file ?

  • Which instructions and what task are you trying to achieve? It seems to me like all are different tasks, it is not clear to me.

What is “it”?

SketchUp only has a 3D viewport. If something was not 3D, then the geometry was planar. Were you trying to pushpull (or follow-me) a flat face to extend into a volume?

Were you trying to import a file? Usually you would import an .skp file, because an .skb file is a backup file (although SketchUp may recognize it). Did you use drag&drop or File → Import → 3D Model?

Trying to make a Glass to print out on s 3D printer . . Made 1/2 of a glass with a line going down the center of the Glass for a rotation line to go around . . The left hand half went to being a Right hand side but nothing in 3D ! . . one side is tapered up and the bottom is FLAT . .

You can add an attachment to a reply using the 8th icon from the left - it looks like an up-pointing arrow. If the SKP (not SKB) file is less than 3MB in size, the forums should accept it as an attachment. If not, you might capture a screen-shot that illustrates the issue you face and add that to a reply.

Are you trying to create a 3D glass from a simple 2D profile? If so, you want to use the “Follow Me” tool along with a circle path to do so. If you’re using just a regular rotate, you’ll just end up flipping it around and not creating any dimension, which you’re describing.

well here is the file glass2b.skp (1.1 MB)

I used the mouse clicked on Select All and then went to tools and down to 3D rotate and got no where . .
From instructions I got long ago
Press Q to activate rotate tool.
Drag the mouse cursor along the axis of your part. The protractor will turn black, and will now rotate around that axis

What tutorial is telling you to do this? There is no “3D rotate” in SketchUp, just regular Rotate, which just rotates anything you have selected along the axis you define.

Once again, are you trying to create a 3D glass from a 2D profile? If so, you have to use the Follow Me tool, not Rotate.

humm okay can I set the size of the follow me to say 3 mm for wall thickness ? And can I click on the say 3mm wide area and move the Follow me up to 120 mm tall ? . . Have never used the Tool at all it has been setting there for a LONG TIME !

You might be ab le to pick up some tips from Campus Learning

Final time I’m asking this: Are you going trying to create a 3D glass from a 2D profile? If so, use the Follow Me tool.

Follow me isn’t used for creating thickness in a wall. That’s what the push-pull tool is for.

If you can elaborate on what you’re trying to do, exactly, people would be better positioned to help you. If you continue to be this vague, I’ll have to bow out, respectfully.

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That’s a big file for such a small model. Did you use the 3D Printing template? Don’t. It’s bloated with things about lots of printers. All you need to know is how big your printer can print.

Go to Model info, Statistics, then Purge Unused.

As several other posts have said, more than once, you need to use the FollowMe tool.

Move your profile to the origin. Delete the vertical line. You will just be following around the axis.

Draw a circle centred on the origin bigger than the base of your glass profile.

Select the circle.

Choose the FollowMe tool, and click on the face of the profile (cross section) you have already drawn.

Bingo. one glass.

But with all faces reversed. Select it all with a triple click. Then R-click and choose Reverse Faces.


Animated GIF to follow, if I can get it to work.

If you want the walls thicker or thinner, edit the 2D profile to suit.

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thanks . . right now limited to 6 inch tall items . . I downloaded the Gif for use later on . . Wanting a 15 inch tall Printer area . .They cost a lot hahahaha . . Mine is the 175 mm tall printing area and 195 by 195 area for X and Y

I am just trying to get full use of my 3D printer . . Already make things for People here and there and have items for sale on Cults ( really getting rich there ) got about $5.00 of sales already in a year . . LMAO

tried the Follow me tool the top was same as the bottom in width so that is out . . I followed the line I had and it was at about a 5 Degree Angle . . so the top would have been about 12 mm larger

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

You can print a vertical cylinder if you want.

it sounds to me as if you haven’t ‘got’ how the FollowMe tool works.


Couple of asides…

There are two ways to use the follow me tool, and following one tutorial and applying to a different use case, could get confusing. You can drag along a set of lines to make the thing follow for as far as you like, or in most cases a single brief click would get what you wanted. Here’s a video of using the wrong approach, but getting there in the end.

3D printers are usually driven by software, and I would bet that most can adjust the size before sending it to the printer. You could model what you want in SketchUp at any convenient size, then set its real world size in the software you use for printing.

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haha do not worry about Program to make parts with . . I use Repetier-Host . . and it does Great jobs for me . . I like the Ideal as t using the Follow Me tool . . Will try it . . Thanks for the way to use the Follow Me tool . . And I make it in Sketchup make 2016 . . As I run Ubuntu and have windows inside of Virtual Box and all runs good there on 120 megs of Video and 1 gig of ram and use only 2 parts of the CPU . . I have Sketchup set up for the 3D printer using MM since it does not understand Inches and have Convert All for changing inches to Metric and back and forth . . That is why the file was small it is in mm not inches . . So to make a glass 6.5 inches tall is 165.1 mm tall . . That’s one of the Reasons I want one that can do a 19 inch cube but it costs a gob of money . .!

For commercial use you must use SketchUp Pro. Make isn’t licensed for your use and intention.

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LOL can i pay as I get the .10 percent commision per item ?