Need a lesson on 3D rotate


I am stuck and can not seem to get the part to rotate along the 127 mm edge so as to make a whole part 5-inch.skp (1.1 MB)


Being off axis makes it more of a challenge. You can use the Axes tool to redefine where the origin is. If you make it match your model instead of reality, then you’ll be able to rotate it easily.


Okayv run through that slowly for this biker . . need pictures LOL some days just dumber than others


Press Q to activate rotate tool.

Drag the mouse cursor along the axis of your part. The protractor will turn black, and will now rotate around that axis.

Or select all and move the part to your origin, the rotate about the blue axis to line it up, then rotate bout red axis.


Hi lynne, I am not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish. I see a Profile with a thickness (0,125mm?) applied to it. The “127-Line” is slightly off of the Red_Axis(X) by 1,3°, that should not matter if you just want to alter the Position of your shape, anyway. In this case, the Rotate-Tool would be the right choice. Another way would be to triple-click the shape, to select the hole geometry, “Make Group”(cmd+G), “move+copy” (M+alt) to the desired Side, scale (cmd+9) by -1 to flip the Part and “move” it in the right Position.
If you are trying to “sweep” the profile around the “127-Line” to get a fully rounded shape, like turned on a Lathe, for example, you are in trouble, because of the way you created the Profile in the first Place. (more about that later) or see the attached File.

Hope this helps

5-inch.skp (3.0 MB)


Well and once again I must inform people I have 2016 MAKE and t4he little window comes up says you need 2017 to open this file . . haha Oh well okay so slowly explain the reason the rotating it like on a lathe is not possible as it was made . . or send e-mail if it gets long and involved . . I rotated a plain board down the length and it worked so thought it would work for the weird part . .


here is a 2016-Version of the file

Michael Zoller

5-inch-SU2016.skp (2.7 MB)


It will work using FollowMe. but will be much easier to accomplish if you (a) align the axis of rotation with one of the axes and (b) remove the thickness so you have a Face not a thicknessed object, so FollowMe can work.

Having done (b) first, I then found that the face seemed to be off axis in two planes.

And since it is a small part, scale it up first, or make a component of it, make a copy of that component, and scale up and work on the copy.

Is this the result you expected?

5-inch - revolved.skp (1.6 MB)


I think where I was misled earlier, was by your saying ‘use the Rotate tool’. You could have done that, but would not get the above result, as Michael Zoller (@zolmic) illustrated in his SKP model.

Read about the FollowMe tool and how to use it for what you later referred (helpfully and correctly) as ‘latheing’.

And read numerous posts about the Dave method (@DaveR) for working with small sizes and the need to scale up to avoid problems with FollowMe being unable to create small edges and faces.


Yep that is what I needed . . So can you explain in biker terms ( means dumb and need pictures LOL ) how to do that . . .


Yes looks great . . The off Axis cam from trying to use wrong Rotate and never got it back to original position . . !


Lynne, a couple of things.
for Rotate I usually draw a square and pull it into a cube so that I can set the protractor (rotate tool) to the face that I want.
Once it is on a face you hit the shift key and you can take to anywhere on your model and use it to rotate.
First Select the thing that you want to rotate.

your drawing is off axis in two directions.
Make it flat and rotate it to the red axis making sure it is also flat on a plane between the red and green axis.

Draw a rectangle at one end Push pull it into a cube or box. Draw a diagonal across the face and then draw a circle on the face.
Move your drawing right to the middle of the circle.
Select the circle, just the Line, not the surface. If you double click inside the circle you will get the surface and the circle. Hold shown shift and control keys and deselect the surface. Now you have the circle selected.
Select the follow me tool or ‘shift F’, then click on the surface that you want ‘turned’ and you will have the spindle.
l l
How many segments you make your circle out of, 24, 12, 8, etc. will affect how big the piece ends up in terms of bytes.
The circle that you 'follow has to be a bigger radius than all of the parts of you drawing or you will get holes.

Good luck

Remember for follow me it is- select path/ Shift F for follow me/ select the surface that it going to be followed or extruded. it does not have to be a circle it can be a bunch of straight lines for a baseboard or crown moulding or the edge of a step.


It looks great . . And now I have another question . . How do I cu it in half I thought just running a board through it and drawing lines down the sides . . But drawing lines down the sides seems a bit more than I thought it was going to be . .


Oh yeah gt another question there what extension do I need to round the top corners of this item cedar-chest-2.skp (1.1 MB)


In outline:
Create a face with the rectangle tool to split it where you want it divided.

Either explode the component or cut/paste in place the face inside the context of the component. (Cut the face to the clipboard; open component for editing; paste in olace)

Select the face. Choose menu Edit/Intersect faces/ With model.

Viewing parallel to the face, do a right to left selection of half the component, and delete it.

Clean up (Erase) any stray bits of face or component left.

Close component or remake it if you exploded it first.


Lynne, You do not need an extension. You just need to learn how to use follow me.

I modified the model. To show the steps go the second one from the top. It is ready to go. Select the circle, then the follow me tool, then the surface and you will get the top version.

He most difficult thing is to draw the shape perpendicular to the line that is going to be followed.

There are other ways of using the follow me tool but they are not as good. Try you tube if this does not answer your question.

You do need a surface, not a line.

So for the top you might have to draw from the edge to the middle.

cedar-chest-2gw.skp (1.3 MB)


Sorry but I have 32 bit Windows an CAN NOT install 2017 . . My Linux is 64 bit the Virtual Box is 64 bit but windows 7-1 is 32 bit . . So have to convert the file to something I can see in my Sketchup Make 2016 . .


Will try this out in windows sketchup Make 2016 and see where it gets me


Well keep your fingers crossed I got 8-1 Windows 64 bit now and going to upgrade the 7-1 version and hope it does not loose a lot of stuff but will dump all stuff in windows stuff over to back up drive . . And put the 8-1 Windows DVD into the drive and hope I can just upgrade and not totally have to RE install every thing . .


And if I wanted to get a part rotated 180 degrees not all 360 degrees . . What would I do ?