How to revolve face


I am trying to revolve but i keep getting random turns of the face. I finally got to revolve (don’t know how ) towards the perimeter i wanted. But it is still not water tide. want it to become solid model.
Is there any way to create a sketch, draw the perimeter and revolve it around that?

Please look at the picture

of what i have and what i want to achieve.


Please upload the SKP file.

What is it you’re trying to make? Can you show a photo of a similar finished piece?

Something similar to this

That’s not especially useful and you didn’t upload the SKP file.

fiogfd;klgjd fgkldfjsglk;dfgjdskl.skp (1.1 MB)

Please find attached the SKP file. I am trying to do a car mount and this is the back of it which will go in the air condition fan…


You are modeling at a very small size, consider scaling up and scaling down afterwards.
SketchUp can’t handle dimensions < 1/1000"

The vertical ‘peg’ has a face missing.
To make a ‘solid’ no edge can have fewer, or more than, two faces.

I assume you’d like to rotate that ‘peg’ around a center-point ?

So draw a center-point - two diagonal lines should for an intersection in the ‘center’ ?

Now Select what you want to rotate [after fixing the missing surface issue!] and Rotate + Ctrl about that ‘center’ to make a copy.

If you want to make a mirror-image I suggest you copy the form to one side, then use Scale -1 in the appropriate axis to ‘flip’ that, than relocate it’s a desired.

Grouping or making components of parts you want to manipulate like this ensures that its geometry does not stick to things unexpectedly.

So you have multiple issues to consider…

TIG was faster but is this what you are trying to end up with?

Exactly! how did you do that.
It cant be that hard but i keep not getting it right.
Thanks for the help btw

First, I cleaned up a lot of the unneeded edges on the flat face. Then I drew an arc for the Follow Me path. I also scaled the model up by a factor of 100 because you’ve got a very short line segment in the profile shape for that part that sticks up. I made just one of those parts and then rotate/copied it to make the other three.