How to blend or divide segments

segments.skp (162.8 KB)
im making sticking tape and i want to make segments in that to circles. file attach. is there any extension or how can i make segments or i say i want to blend then between both circles say 25-30 segments.

I’ve looked at your model and read your post several times and I don’t know what you actually want to do.

Maybe you could show us a picture of what you want the end model to look like?

i have attached the file it is made in coreldraw with the help of blend tool 1st and the last circle selected and when we hit how many circle or blends we need that much segments we get. in the gif file i have explain what i need it

So you just want 25 to 30 concentric circles between the inner and outer circles. This is supposed to represent the edge of the tape? Why didn’t you just say so?

You could do it with the Offset tool but you’d have to make them one at a time. I don’t know of an extension that would do it but it might be you could hire someone to make one.

Is there going to be a benefit of adding all that geometry and increasing the file size? You would probably be better off to use a texture. You could make it from your CorelDraw drawing.

Thanks for ur reply Dave adding image is not my intention i want as u said concentric circles between the layers. i have attach a model in scene 1 there are 2 objects up and down and i want to divide that object or blend them in 7 segments between to 2 objects with same thickness. As it shown in scene 2 its done manually.layer segments.skp (228.0 KB)

Tig’s Grow plugin will do what you want.

thats perfect :thumbsup: what i was thinking for the extension. thanks box. can u send me the link or the extension where can i download it

box thanks for the reply i have got one more option other than grow up plugin

And Dave i had ask u the question above circles between inner and outer i got that also solution from this extension