Divide face into different parts

Hi people, newbie here, hope i wrote it into right place :wink:

Want to ask important thing. I have face, half of it is straight and second half is curved. I want to divide it into parts, but i want to have 4m long part, than 2m, than again 4m and so on.

Its possible to do?

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:

It’s unclear to me what you want to do. Could you make a freehand drawing, scan it or take a photo, and upload what you are aiming for using the seventh icon above where you write your post: image

hi, thanks for reply

here is picture :wink:

Something like this?
Rectangles and curve.skp (79.0 KB)

Or like this - the lower left corner has the divisions in a different place:
Rectangles and curve.skp (78.9 KB)


Start by using the Preferences menu (Window/Preferences on Windows, Sketchup/Preferences on Mac), and select the Template - Simple template - Meters.

Start a File/New to use that template. In the Window/Model Info/Units, set Length snapping to 1m (or even 2m for this model).

Draw a large rectangle for the six straight blocks 36m x width (whatever width you want - I used 4m). Select it and R-click/Reverse faces to get it white side up.

Use the Arc tool to draw the radii - I guessed 45° and 6m and 10m radii, but whatever angle and radii you need.

Use the Rotated Rectangle tool to draw the bottom left 6m x width rectangle.

Complete the curved section by joining the ends of the arcs with the Line tool, and draw the intermediate line where you want it, radially, using the inferences SU provides as you draw with the Line tool.

Ctrl+ Move to Copy the lower left edge 4m up the diagonal - use length snapping, or type in the move distance as 4m.

Move/Copy (that’s using the Ctrl key to toggle between Move and Copy) the vertical line at the end of the arc 4m to the right. Move/Copy that line another 2m right.

Select both lines, and copy them 6m to the right, then type 5x to make five more copies to the end.


john_mcclenahan is totally right but I was hoping to try a different, while somewhat roundabout way to do this similar to how CAD would handle it (I have too much experience laying out parking stalls and sidewalk score lines. Basically you draw each segment as a component (arrow pointing to axis) or group and then use the PathCopy extension to “array” them at a fixed distance along any “path.”

See attached screen shot. While this may be a bit more effort up front, if you find yourself needing to do different variations or lay out longer runs of the same module, this will save time while providing some editing abilities later as any changes made to one component will affect everything else.

hi, thank you for tip :slight_smile: first sorry for my really bad english :smiley:

i know about that, i used it for smaller objects, problem is, that my object/face is long about 1km+ :smiley: maybe more, so do it manually would kill me :smiley:

do you know about some plugin which can do it automatically?

Because here is my problem:
Im trying to make city for my android game, i have created whole city, painted it (not good but it will be better :wink: ), but problem is road, i have no idea how to paint it. First I used textures, but problem was with curved roads, than I tried to create my own road, i created sidewalks, lines (full lines, i think its called dashed lines and so, like real roads) problem is, that my polygons raised from 10k to 50k which is problem. I can post here my skp file if you want, better to understand my problem

Please do. It will make clearer what you are trying to do.

Dont laugh :smiley: its my first model and im mainly programator :smiley:

its road in the middle of city


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