How to increase segments

box.skp (74.2 KB)Hi i have a regular box and in that a simple shape with red color and below that box there is a circle. I want to increase the segments of the red shape in that box. We increase or change the segments of circle. but when i select the red shape in my model i cant view how to increase or change the segments is there any option or plugin to increase the segments.

You can increase the number of segments on the circle ,but in your red part the circle is already merged with the square,so is not circle anymore but curve.You have to redraw the part with the more segmented circle.Or maybe some plugin can do the segmentation on curve but I don’t know it.

is there any plugin that can work to increase the segements

For such a simple shape, why not just redraw the object being careful to use the desired number of segments. The practice will improve your modeling skills so that you will need less modifications.


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You can quickly redraw the shape overtop of the existing shape in about 30 seconds. Group the existing red pill shape. Use the arc tool, and snap each endpoint to the end of an existing curve. Then use the existing curve to snap the new arc apex. Repeat for the other arc. Now draw two lines snapped to each arc end point. This will connect the shape and leave you with two arcs where the segments can be changed. You can delete the original grouped object.

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It’s a good lesson in learning to stay ahead of the model.

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That might be problematic if the underlying geometry is flawed. In the image below you can see some issues with the lower curve. End points are turned on and the larger portion of the curve selected.


i got the solution. U need BZ plugin. (3 file attached). Select the red pard with the edges. Then select the red part with shift to delect and it will select only the edges. After u select the edges right click select bz-convert to in that polyline segmentor and screen pop comes. Number of segments u want. click ok. As soon as u click on the segement changes but the color disappear. Dont get shock just refill the color u want and click on the edges and confirm.

Atek, while your method works, it doesn’t address the underlying problem that Shep pointed out. Your underlying geometry is flawed. The arcs don’t begin and end at a logical point. If I were you I would measure the total length and width of the pill shape, and re-draw it using the arc and line tools. Then you can adjust the segments of the arcs afterwards. No plugin needed, and the geometry is clean.

Also, SU automatically smoothes arcs. So 75 segments is probably excessive. It probably won’t matter if your model isn’t going to contain any more geometry than what you’re working on, but if it gets more complicated, those extra segments in the arcs can tax your computer and make the model hard to work with (jitter). This problem multiplies exponentially as you start extruding arcs with high segment counts and making more complicated geometry out of them.

This video (around the 36 minute mark) explains the importance of keeping your geometry simple. The whole video is great for SU beginners though.