Tool to increase segments in circle already on a drawing

Is there a add-on tool to increase the number of segments in an ALREADY drawn circle or arc? That is on in an existing drawing that used 24 segments and I want to increase to 97 segments. I find a number of existing drawings for download that would fit my needs in 3D printing except the segments on rounds is so course they are useless.

With so many really good add-on tools out there I’m just hoping someone might have come up with this. I’m already familiar with TIG’s add-on to permanently change the default. It’s great but doesn’t cover this issue.

Hey Walt.

I think you might be out of luck if the circle or arc is part of a 3D shape already. You could use Fredo’s BZ_Spline extension to convert the selection to a Catmull spline but that seems to delete the faces of the extrusion, e.g. Side of a cylinder.

Out of curiosity, why 97 segments? If I was going to increase the number of segments on a circle that high, I would choose 96 because, being divisible by 12, it’s divisible by 2, 3, and 4.

Thanks, Dave, I figured that was the answer but thought I’d try. Sometime you miss things easy enough. The 97 was just something I pulled out of my empty head. There are a lot of neat drawings out there free or paid, but for my use most are so rough in the circle dept. they aren’t worth bothering with.

A number divisible by four is a good idea so you have the cardinal points on axis.


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For the purposes of 3D printing your SU model, there are subdivision plugins which will increase the segmentation which will give you something to print out smoother than the original model.

Look at Artisan and SubD.

So, take advantage of the ease of low-poly modeling in SU to get close to what you want. Then subdivide a copy of what you want for 3d printing.

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Thanks, I have Artisan, need to look at it more closely. I did try it but probably not the correct way. I’ll also look into SubD.