Batch segment increase

Hi all.

Does there happen to be an extension which can batch increase segments of a set of arcs/circles to maximum possible values?

thanks in advance.

Perhaps (did not tried…):

Be careful with performance impacts. As I recall the segment maximum is 999 for a circle (not sure if it scales down proportionally for an arc according to swept angle). If you have a lot of circles and arcs (and especially a lot of extruded faces connected to them) the amount of geometry will skyrocket.

Thanks, that more or less did the trick. It has been a quicker workflow for me at least. Thanks again

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Thanks TDahl, I had a dxf import that brought in some arcs with R15305mm and two sides. By maximum I was at least hoping for something greater than imported. SU does seem to limit depending on arc size but I have settled for 48 and i’m happy.

Thank you for your advice.

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I have often complained about the lack of control in the importer. The result seems totally random - I have met imported small polyline arcs with an insane number of segments.

More control would be great as its happens regularly. I guess I have only just yielded to the frustration. It has been one of those ‘work with what you have scenarios’ I guess, without me paying much attention to it.
Some relatively smaller arcs on this particular import with R1478 had 25 segments… :man_shrugging: