How to add segments to the model?

I have created road. I wan to use Vertex tools but there is not enough segments.

How can I add more segments like 3Ds Max


If these are arcs, click on one arc and use the Entity Info Window to change the number of segments.

Problem There is no this.

hello, you can use fredo6’s bezierspline plugin. [Plugin] BezierSpline - v2.2a - 22 Apr 21 • sketchUcation • 1
once installed, right click on a curve or connected edges and pick Bz - convert to and then choose a type of spline. You can set the precision and the number of control points.

But I think you should use another method for creating your road. As I can see on your image, it is a result of a triangulation made between the curves defining it (like stiches). You will have better modifying possibilities with vertex tools (and only using native tools) if you first create a sandbox, add as much detail as you want, smooth it and drape your road onto it.

Yes it is true. It is triangulation. I tried use BZ but when I choose: Convert to > Polyline segmentator is nothing happening. I use Artisan to increase triangulations.

Vertex would be better. Do you know a good method to create a road with vertexs ?

Like I explained above :


I created a big grid on purpose to show you the add detail function, but you can set a smaller grid first before creating the sandbox.

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This is very good method but what if I don’t have flat corners. Do I have to do everything in 2D and then in 3D?

you can offset your road profile in the outside before you drape it, and drape it too, then use joint push pull, if you messed with vertex tools (which you don’t really need by the way. It would be better to use native sandbox tool and adjust terrain heights before draping your road)

I have a good news. It’s works ! You are the boss. Thank you very much.

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