Is There a way to setup SketchUP to automatically add X2 segments to every curve?

Currently when using sketch up, every arc I draw, I am adding at least twice the amount of segments sketch-up gives the arc. Is there a setting I can change or some sort of function i can add for sketch up to automatically add more segments to every arc I draw?

Short answer. No. If you select the Arc tool and change the number of sides before you place the arc, subsequent arcs will have the same number of sides until you change that value or shut down and restart Sketchup. I would urge you to be thoughtful about how many segments you use for arcs and consider the value they might add along with the liabilities. It’s not always necessary or useful to add more segments in curves and the additional geometry created can bloat the file and potentially create issues, especially with smaller radii curves. When I do find it useful to increase the number of sides, I generally use some multiple of 12 because it will be evenly divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6.

By the way, since you are using SketchUp for your business (interesting business, too) you need to be using SketchUp Pro, not Sketchup Make.

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Thats helpful none the less. My colleagues have a sketch up pro license but currently for me there is not much I would gain other than exporting files, which I can just send to my colleagues to export.

I appreciate the fact that adding too many segments can slow the file down but in order to draw the transitions of the ramps that go in the skateparks we build its necessary for the simulation of a real ramp.

Thank you for the advice though it was helpful!

Other than having a license that allows you to use it commercially as you are.

My advice was to use only as many segments as needed and no more to avoid unneeded file bloat. Some users try to use way more than they need to do the job and they just get burned. :wink:

Good luck.


How do you select the number of segments before placing an arc?

Select the tool and type the number of sides.

and hit enter/return.

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Or while having drawn the arc already but still within the same operation, type the number of segments plus s and hit enter/return.
You can repeat changing the number of segments this way to see what suits you best.