Number of segments for an arc before drawing it?

Hi everybody.

So far I thought the arc tool was working proportionaly to the number of segments I had defined for a circle but it seems I was wrong and it works with 24 segments if the arc is 360º

I see I can change the arc number of segments once it’s drawn through Entity Info, but this way I have to do it for each arc I draw.

Is there any way to do define it as it’s done for the circle or polygon, I mean just typing NUMBERs?

Thank you.

What? If you select the Arc, 2-Point Arc, 3-Point Arc or Pie tool and immediately type the number of segments you want to use then hit Enter. The number will be set until you change it again during that modeling session.

Arc and circle have their own settings
Type the number and hit [Enter] when you start using the tool or the number plus s during are right after having drawn the shape, before selecting any other tool. You can change radii and number of segments plus s any time during the operation.
As @DaveR mentioned, the number of segments setting won’t change by itself to default or any other value during the SketchUp session till you do so.

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Ups, thank you so much :slight_smile:
I’m afraid I did something wrong on first tries.

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