Change the number of segments in an arc or a circle

I am trying to change the number of segments in a circle or an arc.

Select your arc or circle, go to entity info panel type in the number of segments desired and hit enter…

Check out this video Arc Tool Square One.

I have the ENTITY INFO displayed, and I have selected the ARC TOOL, but the entity info doesn’t give me the place to enter the number of segments that I need

@tuna1957 gave you the steps to change the sides of an existing, highlighted arc. To change the number of sides BEFORE you draw the arc, just type the number of sides you want, the hit Enter.

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Control + immediately you draw the circle…The more you press ,the more segments generated

After the arc is made you would need to be in the Select tool, select the arc, and then Entity Info will show the number of segments.

Are you saying that I should enter the number of sides, (enter), then choose the arc tool ?
Or do I choose the arc tool, then the sides# then (enter) ?

Until you choose the arc tool SketchUp won’t know what you are changing the number of sides for. Choose the arc tool, type the number of sides, press Enter and draw the arc. No need to make it hard.

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If I try an arc that has too many segments for the size that I’m drawing, I get a message that indicates that I need less segments.

Yes, of course you will. So don’t choose so many sides.

There is nothing magical about these things, they are shown on the bottom of your screen. When you choose a tool the measurement window bottom right will show you what it is going to do, it even says sides and a number. The rest of the status bar tells you other options currently available for the tool you have picked. This information changes all the time depending on what you are doing.
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