Sides on a circle default

Is it possible to set the number of sides on a circle to a different default setting.

This article should tell you the necessary steps to change the number of sides:

Not easily.
SketchUp defaults the circle and arc segmentation when it starts up.
In the past there were workarounds using key-press mimicking, with say WScript running as SketchUp started, ‘pressing’ C, placing the circle and settings its segments, then undoing but keeping the desired segmentation.
These are clunky.

The defaults are chosen to give good general results.Sometimes fewer segments are appropriate - e.g. small diameter tubes, other times more are better - e.g. larger diameter objects for 3d-printing where smaller ‘versines’ would look better, with less ‘faceting’…

Oh, my fault.

I thought the question was regarding changing the number of sides than default value.

Sorted, thanks very much.

The article you sent me the link to showed how you set the default no of sides when you open the circle tool, this then sets the default.

To clarify in case someone else comes along. The article does not provide instructions on how to change the default number of sides for circles and arcs. You can change the number of sides for the current session but the number isn’t set as a default.

It is important to understand, though, that changing that number prior to starting a circle or arc means that until the number is changed again, the same number of sides will be used for subsequent circles/arcs during the session. It’s easy to increase the number of sides for a large radius circle and then forget to reset for smaller circles where the number of sides doesn’t need to be so high.

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Oh yes, it’s not a blanket default. You’ll have to excuse my not using the correct terminology.



My misunderstanding was actually correct then.

Yes, you directed me to exactly what I needed. It’s strange how you don’t really read instructions sometimes. I have read these before but hadn’t, if you know what I mean. Once you directed me to the link I read it properly and not in a flap, thinking I can’t do it. I’m a bit of an amateur as you can tell. This forum is wonderful, thanks.

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Good luck to you for the rest of learning.

One problem with instructions for technical things such as computer programs is that often you almost need to know the answer to your question to be able to search for it. It’s the same way with other things.

Thanks very much.