Changing the default segments!


Still learning Sketchup. Is there a way to the change the default segments for circles and arcs/curves? I find myself to always increase it manually after each drawing, and I need to speed this up.

No, the default cannot be permanently changed. You can type in the desired number of segments before you start a circle or arc, which will set the default segment count for the rest of that session. But it will reset in the next session of sketchup.

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Actually there was an old discussion and extension on Sketchucation forum. The very last post from @TIG in this topic:

I have not tried, though…


Thanks alot … this method is a good alternative.

Thank I will try that extension and see if it still works in v2021

I tried the extension, TIG-CircleArcDefaulter (TIG-CircleArcDefaulter_v5.0.rbz), and it works great on SketchUp Pro 2021. Thanks again. Now I have the option to change the default number of segments.

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Then you might need to change the “solution” mark to that post were it was solved… :wink: :blush:

You are right, and I just did that. However I still thanks endlessfix for his workaround, it was a good tip nonetheless.

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You can also edit it after drawing it, providing it remains a circle (or arc) and has not been exploded.

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