Need for a ruby script (RS) to set the Default arc/circle segments to 96

My SketchUp work requires I use arcs/circles with a high number of segments, 96 is idea. As I use a lot of these resetting every time I add one to a drawing is time consuming and easy to forget until it’s too late to fix it.
As I use SU to develop models for 3D printing I use a lot of arcs and circles in the designs.

I see one old RS but it requires a second file which is not available. I work in version 2016 now which tends also to limit the scrips available although some of the older ones still work.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

This has recently been discussed on the SketchUcation forums.
I think you are the same ‘walt’ - I suggest you go back as things have moved on apace !

Yesterday I wrote a beta Extension [PC only]
It let’s you set a default segment count for circles and arcs [initial default is 48 and 24 but you can easily change that with a one time edit and reset…]

Today I actually updated it to work on both PC and MACs.
It works in v8 upwards to v2016 and beyond…

There’s also a handy link off to a related post I did about ‘versines’ in 3d-arc-printing and how to decide on an arc’s segmentation, relative to its radius and swept-angle…

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve found a Script, installed it and it’s
working, yours as a matter of fact. Works great. I like I can set it once and
be done. Have a couple of friends who work with me I’ll have to pass this
along to them.